BCW Cycling serves both recreational and competitive cyclists in and around the city of Saskatoon. We are sponsored by Bruce's Cycle Works and we are a member of the Saskatchewan Cycling Association.

We organize club rides, club trips, socials, coached programs, races, and on top of all this - Bruce's Cycle Works provides discounts and special deals for club members throughout the year.

How To Join

The best reason to join us is to be a part of a vibrant and healthy cycling community in Saskatoon that makes your participation in the sport more fun

To join the BCW Cycling Club for the first time, you must do two things: fill out an Saskatchewan Cycling Membership form with BCW Cycling checked as your club, and a one-time purchase of a gorgeous BCW Cycling club jersey from Bruce's Cycle Works.

Pop by Bruce's Cycle Works in Saskatoon for more information (and to purchase your club jersey), and visit www.saskcycling.ca to register online or by mail